Toot or Boot? Ubud, Bali

If you’re after zen, then Ubud has it in spades. Unlike the close by hub of Kuta which is teaming with beach bars, Ubud is the calming oasis between the bold atmospheres of both Kuta and renowned party island; Gili Trawangan. Ubud offers rainforests, rice paddies, yoga retreats and even a monkey forest! This haven is perfect for those interested in taking a break from their hectic working life.


  • Ideal for a relaxing holiday: Surrounded by beautiful and lush scenery, visitors can enjoy peaceful activities such as daily yoga classes, visiting the local temples and spa treatments from as little as £5 GBP.
  • Great places to eat: Enjoy delicacies such as Beef Rendang (curry) or Betutu (roasted poultry) and choose from a range of restaurants which are dotted around the town. Ubud even offers a few quirky cocktail and shisha bars too!
  • Unique activities: Where else could you can cram a sunrise mountain hike, monkey forest and “ecstatic dance” class all into one day? In Ubud of course!
  • Lots of shopping opportunities: Ubud sells pretty much everything a tourist would ever dream of and you can easily get lost for hours, wandering around for a souvenir or two.


  • Stay 3-4 days max: Whilst Ubud has its fair share of fun activities, you may find yourself itching to move onto another location but that’s the beauty of Bali, it’s so small that you can fit the entire island in a 2 week holiday. For more information about visiting Bali, read my blog post here.
  • No beaches: Since Ubud is central to the island, there is a lack of “vitamin sea” that people crave when travelling abroad. However, this can be easily resolved by booking accommodation with a pool (for extra humid days) or the nearest beach is only half an hour away.
  • Very touristy: Ubud tends to see an influx of tourists each year and this can sometimes burst the romanticised bubble of a holiday retreat. Avoid crowds by visiting busy areas e.g the Main Street of Jalan Raya Ubud, during the early evening.

Toot or boot?

Toot! It’s a no brainer, Ubud has so much to offer and can provide a tranquil yet fun holiday experience for travellers of all ages. Although it may be slightly busy, you’re certain to find frequent moments of relaxation throughout your visit.

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