Toot or Boot? Patong, Phuket

Patong is a lairy resort town nestled amongst Phuket Island’s Western Coast. This popular tourist destination is a big hit for hen and stag parties, with an active nightlife scene and a steady flow of cheap drinks to keep your hydrated. Patong beach is backdropped by cafes, restaurants and bars, then as night time fades in, late night massage parlours, go-go bars and strip clubs are the main source of entertainment.


  • Cheap and cheerful excursions: Patong is a busy resort with lots of competing businesses so you can bag yourself a reasonably priced day trip (if you haggle the local vendors enough!)
  • Ideal for large groups: As I mentioned before, this place is teaming with holidaymakers looking to party from dusk til dawn.
  • You can find low cost accommodation easily: Since Patong is a large resort compared with the likes of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao, it’s fairly easy to find clean and tidy accommodation, for a good price.


  • Restaurants are fairly expensive: I was surprised to see that the restaurants were charging people so much in comparison to other areas of Thailand. Since this is a popular tourist destination, it is easier to bump up the prices.
  • The majority of restaurants serve Western cuisine: Street food markets are available as well but a lot of places seemed to be expensive, Western food restaurants (they even have a Hooters?!)
  • Patong overshadows the Thai culture: You almost forget that you’re in Thailand and feel more like you’ve landed in Benidorm when wandering around the central hub of Patong.
  • The beach isn’t all that: Thailand is famed for its lush, tropical forests and gorgeous beaches, Patong beach is pleasant but it’s no Maya Bay.
  • It can be a bit full on! It’s a lot to take in when you arrive in Patong but unlike Bangkok, this is more of a hedonistic getaway as opposed to hectic. You can still enjoy some fantastic day trips in and around Patong but if you’re staying in the centre, (particularly Bangla Road) be warned as it’s intense!

Toot or boot?

Personally, I’d boot it! It totally depends on what you’re looking for but if you want to experience authentic Thailand, then go elsewhere as they have much nicer islands to hop and cultural experiences to enjoy. If you’re looking to party, then you’re in the right place in Patong.

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