1 day travel itinerary for Marsaxlokk, Malta

Pronounced ‘Marsashlock’, Marsaxlokk is known primarily for its popular Sunday fish market. So, there is no better time to visit then on a Sunday morning, along with the Maltese who attend for their weekly stock up on fresh fish and other nick snacks. Read on for my 1 day itinerary for Marsaxlokk in Malta.

Morning: Malta’s local transport system is really handy and only costs €2 per journey, no matter the destination. This means that it’s ideal to travel from close by areas such as Marsaskala or Valletta, straight over to Marsaxlokk on a Sunday. Spend the morning browsing the famous fish market and taking in the sights (and smells) of the fresh morning catch. Sample spices, test out some local beeswax skincare, or even purchase some gym wear in this colourful and varied market. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch along the waterfront, at one of the many restaurants that Marsaxlokk has on offer.

Taxi boat stop off

Afternoon: Due to its close proximity, once you’ve had your fair share of browsing the Sunday market, travellers can then jump on a taxi boat across to the famous St Peter’s Pool. This natural swimming pool is popular with the Maltese and tourists alike, for its turquoise waters and rock diving opportunities. Taxi boat stands will be dotted throughout the market and you can get a return ticket for €10. The boat will drop you off around the corner from St Peter’s Pool and you’ll find that this area is a lot less crowded, making it a perfect spot for dipping in the sea, without hoards of people around you. The sea is also a lot cleaner too! As a quick travel tip, I’d recommended visiting the area earlier (around 11am/12pm) and then taking a taxi boat back to Marsaxlokk at 2pm. This way, you’re avoiding the wave of people that come to St Peter’s Pool after their lunch.

St Peter’s Pool in September time

Evening: Marsaxlokk is a quiet fishing village which tends to simmer down during the evenings. Travellers can browse the beautiful streets or peek their head into the evening mass at the ‘Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pompeii’ catholic church. Apart from this, it’s best to head into Valletta for an evening meal or, you can hang around for the restaurant changeover to the evening menus. Please note, the restaurant changeover means there is a cut off point for food which is often between 3pm-5pm (worth noting if you’re spending your early afternoon at St Peter’s Pool!)

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