3 money-saving travel tips for Sydney, Australia

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Sydney is renowned for being an expensive destination to visit. Luckily, I had the opportunity to live there and can now pass on my little nuggets of knowledge about how to save money when visiting Sydney.

1. Sushi is king: You’re never far from a sushi stand! Whether it’s in the train station, as you’re shopping around Westfield in the CBD, or even along Bondi Beach. Sushi is a staple part of any Aussie diet and a hefty sushi roll will only cost a few dollars, they also keep you going throughout the day. Instead of paying extortionate prices at the Harbour, grab yourself some sushi whilst you’re on the go and touring the famous Sydney highlights.

2. Opal cards can get you far: An Opal card is your new best friend when it comes to travel around Sydney. You can get these from any local shop, petrol station or train station, and top them up as you go. Unlike the unreliable rail systems in the UK, Sydney trains often pass by every couple of minutes. This means you can easily work your way around the the city and all for the cost of a couple of dollars per journey. Bear in mind, train travel for destinations further afield can be slighter more expensive.

3. Take advantage of hostel events: No matter which hostel you stay in, you can count on the designated event coordinator to provide you with free drinks tokens, free bar entries and other fun activities. This gives you a good excuse to explore the city, all whilst in the company of likeminded travellers. After you’ve experienced the usual sights such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and popular beaches, you can mingle with other travellers from your hostel during a game of beer pong and even receive discounted excursions when booking through your hostel event coordinator. Alternatively, popular Sydney travel agencies have staff which are always happy to haggle. These include places such as Peter Pans and Happy Travels.

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