Settling into a new reality

At what point does a short stopover at home become a permanent stay? I think everyone would agree that 2020 was a write off and many plans/ hopes/ dreams were dashed along the way. This was no different for my partner and I, who managed to fork out thousands on pre-booked flights. Those of which, we are still trying to claw back from Air Asia and the pure state that is Our original plans back in March, were to fly from New Zealand to experience the wonders of India and Sri Lanka. It was fair to say, this idea was well and truly over. So, as we scrambled to find ourselves a temporary job in New Zealand, we still clung onto the hopes that we would manage to travel again soon.

Fast forward 6 months later and here I am, scrolling through Zoopla, looking at potential houses which are way out of my grasp. How did I end up here? Has anyone else suddenly given up on their nomad lifestyle without even realising? At what point did I stop looking at hostels in Asia and start looking at package holidays in Benidorm…what a difference a pandemic makes.

One thing’s for sure, we’ve all been challenged one way or another. Some people like myself, are lucky that they haven’t been directly affected by the dreaded virus. However, for those of you who have had your plans wiped out and aren’t sure on the next move, you’re not alone. Although it’s a daunting thought, I’ve finally settled on the idea of probably never living abroad again and slowly managed to transition from traveller to 9-5er. Whilst it feels like everyone around me is still living it up in Australia or New Zealand, I have finally decided to put down my metaphorical (and literal) rucksack and will look to the more quiet things in life. Be that future living room colour schemes or bathroom tap fixtures.

Although I imagined this day would come with me kicking and screaming in denial, here it is and I actually feel okay. Maybe this is what it’s like to get your shit together? Or maybe I’ll end up spending all my savings on a first class ticket out of the UK as soon as our 10287th lockdown is finally over?

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