Top podcasts to get you through the working week!

For the past few months I have reluctantly made a return to my old nemesis of regional work. Podcasts have truly come to my rescue as I stand for 8 hours a day, repeating the same movements and trying to avoid pulling my hair out from boredom. Below is a variety of the best podcasts that I’d recommend to help you through those drawn out days!

Something funny: By far my new favourite podcast is ‘Shagged, Married, Annoyed.’ This is narrated by British comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie. I’m relatively new to this legendary podcast and there are many episodes to choose from but I would advise people to start from the very beginning! As they wade through their weekly annoyances with each other, no conversation is off topic and the subjects can turn into utter filth! Listeners will undoubtedly be erupting into fits of laughter (or stifled giggles if you’re in a public setting!)

Something sporty: I surprised myself with this one but ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’ is thankfully not completely centered around football and its complicated jargon. Peter Crouch is joined by Radio 1 presenter Chris Stark and BBC Sport journalist Tom Fordyce to chat about life as a famous footballer. Topics include nights out, the locker rooms and even their fashion sense! First introduced to me by my boyfriend, I honestly didn’t expect much but it’s quite funny for a bunch of lads sat around a pub table talking about footie.

Something spooky: ‘That’s Spooky’ somehow makes true crime and ghost stories quirky and light. Presenters Johnny and Tyler are full of sass, shade and relevant humour. Not to mention, they do a weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race update! They even have an Instagram account where the boys post photos and videos which reference their spooky stories of the week.

Something shocking: I have two recommendations for this section as I’m a bit of a true crime nerd and tend to get sucked into interesting and down right psychotic stories. 1. ‘My Favorite Murder’ (American spelling) which hears our two female presenters, Georgia and Karen chat nochalontly about famous murders throughout history. Dark but incredibly attention grabbing, especially when all you do all day is measure sticks. 2. ‘They Walk Among Us’. This British based podcast explains true crimes in an eerie, story tale fashion and has numerous cases to choose from, which span across five series. I wouldn’t suggest listening to this one late at night!

Something educational: For those wanting to gain the benefits of learning another language, the ‘Coffee Break’ series offers several different, adaptable podcasts. Personally, I have been trying to improve my German but other options include Spanish, French, Italian and even Swedish or Chinese!

Something wanderlust: ‘Zero to Travel’ discusses a huge range of topics which will tickle the fancy of any fellow travel junkie. Listeners will hear from guests who have successfully set up their own location independent businesses, taught English abroad, written their own travel blogs and more! This podcast will definitely get your fingers itching to book that next flight.

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